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Studio Style glass

Reni Apostolova   Philip Apostolov

Studio Style glass

was selected and presented at the USA issue "International Contemporary Masters 2010", edition of World Wide Art Books. A part of them will be spreat at the art museums and  galleries all over the world.

Glass pictures

   In the process of production of this articles we don`t use any paint. Everything, you can see, is made of coloured glass (transparent or opal) in different shape - complete or grinded into sand, afterwards termally treated, so that this effect can be achieved.

Reni Apostolova



glass picture glass picture
Picture of glass

Size : 22 31 2,5

Price : 2950 €

Weight : ~ 3 kg
Picture of glass

Size : 21 30 2,5

Price : 2900 €

Weight : ~ 3 kg

Philip Apostolov

Autumn reflection

Somewhere in space

the Rila Lakes

glass picture glass picture glass picture
Picture of glass

Size: 31 22 2,5 cm

Price: 2820 €

Weight : ~ 3 kg
Picture of glass

Size: 29 22 2,5 cm

Price: 2700 €

Weight : ~ 3 kg
Picture of glass

Size: 29 22 2,5 cm

Price: 2730 €

Weight : ~ 3 kg


glass picture
Picture of glass

Size: 30 23 2,5 cm

Price: 2760 €

Weight : ~ 3 kg
We Studio Style glass are amongst the few in the world to have succeded to create realistic glass paintings, using colour glass dust. The author, who inspired us to create such unique works of art is Miriam Di Fiore. Her glass paintings you can see here:
Miriam Di Fiore

Fire and Ice
(The fight of the Elements)

At the derelict house

art work art work
Two of the Elements are woven at this work - the water and the fire.

Size: 38 60 cm

Price: 800 €

Cobweb made of transperent glass, twisted at the space between the old window sash and the broken glass.

Size: 51 48 20 cm

Price: 2450 €

art work art work